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I have been a photographer for 8+ years and I love to watch my families grow through the years! Learn a little more about me below!

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My Story

I started my career in photography at a young age. I can still remember the excitement of my first film camera that my parents got me when I was about 8. That camera never left my hands and I took pictures of anything I could. Admittedly they were less than quality at that age! For the next week or two I would watch the mail until my prints arrived, eager to see how my pictures came out. Then in high school I got my first digital camera and what a game changer that was. I went from taking a limited number of pictures to hundreds.


2013 brought me back to my roots when I took a black & white film photography class complete with a darkroom set-up. From that point on I knew I needed to have photography in my life somehow. I switched careers from my corporate retail job to work at a photography studio where I learned as much as I could in my 4 years there. At the same time I worked to get my Bachelor's degree in Digital and Interactive Marketing from Western Connecticut State University. 


While I still have a full time career in Marketing, the photography business is my side hustle. I work with a Nikon D7500, D7000, D5200 and a D200 on a regular basis and have a variety of props and backdrops although I prefer natural outdoor backdrops! I work with several local photographers and my husband has been known to pick up the camera and be a 2nd photographer for me occasionally!

Photo Credit goes to Rebecca Bond Photography, a longtime friend and fellow photographer.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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